Developers with their current addresses, and links to their publically available, useful products.

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Assistant Prof. Eric Lyons and iPlant. CoGe Toolbox lead developer. U. Arizona and iPlant. CoGe and its wiki, CoGePedia, provide vareous tools to compare genes, chromosomal segments and genomes.
Assistant Professor James Schnable, U. Nebraska. qTeller sole developer. A community repository of RNAseq data for maize B73 reference with useful comparative graphics.
Research Geneticist Margaret Woodhouse, this laboratory, and Haebao Tang (currently with Lyons, above) , Arabidopsis positional information searchable database, geneticist and developer, respectively. When in the history of dicots did an arabidopsis gene last change chromosomal position?
Gina Turco, graduate student, UC-Davis, Brent Pedersen, and James Schnable (above): PL3.0 CNS Pipeline (Freeling lab, 2014) (also this link), developers. Conserved noncoding sequences (CNSs) between any two genomes diverged at between 50% and 90% modal Ks.

Sun, Jan 4, 2015